Things in Other Places

The Charles Carter - As a student at UNC Chapel Hill I worked with some close friends to start up an online literary magazine called "The Charles Carter : a working anthology". In the beginning it was basically just a place for us to critique each other's writing, and review submissions from other students in the community. As time went on though the organization has grown. We now have chapters at multiple schools across the country, we're accepting submissions of all sorts from people all around the world, and the magazine has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. So if you've written something that you want to put in front of an audience, throw a submission our way here. And if you just want to give us a read, check out other people's writing there. And if you think it's something you might find interesting, feel free to read my interview with the Daily Tar Heel about the founding of The Charles Carter way over here.

The Aarhus Symposium Award  - During my time abroad in Denmark, I got to be a part of the Aarhus Symposium, an event that brings together students, business leaders, prominent thinkers from different areas of study. As a part of my application to the Symposium, I was asked to write a response to one of several questions posed by leaders from various fields. Eventually, I found out that my essay "Societal Tentpoles, The New York Times, and Living Online" was selected as the winner of the Aarhus Symposium Challenge. You can read my essay here, and my interview about the experience there.