PSPB #3 - It's Orange Christmas

Sebastian and Luke discuss escalation in holiday decorations, humanity's proof of concept, and the deep lore of our childhood cereal mascots.

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Show Notes:

Halloween Lights

Revolutionary Clothing Signs

Dubious Mythology of the Irish Jig


Modern Prosthetics v. Star Wars

The Hutts

Humanity’s Proof of Concept Drives a Lincoln

Another One

Time is a Flat Circle

The Reason Hillary is Still Married

Cabal Is Not the Same as Kabbalah But They Are Etymologically Related

POC = Point of Contact / Person of Color

Hyper sexualized Green MnM

Great Man Theory of History

Trix Rabbit

Cocoa Puffs

Hip Hop Reeces

Corn Flakes v. Fog Horn Leg Horn

World Weary Chester Cheeto

Kofi Annan

The Kofi Annan of Cereal Mascots